Papoose „Dreams And Nightmares“


I used to pray for times like this to shine like gliss
So I had to hide my fifth beside my dick
Niggas brag about their bid like the world is sweet
Fuck the penitentiary, I did life in the street
Seen the summers get cold, just me and my crew
Ask who keep it official, they gonna say Papoose
Caught my first gun charge with a chrome trey-deuce
Cause them niggas around the corner like to shoot off the roof
I had enemies, friendemies, make ‘em memories like Genovese
Snake squirming like a centipede
I load the cartridge, wolf hearted and so is my crew
If you ain’t feeding the wolves, the wolves gonna eat you
These lames making me nauseous, man, I think they retarded
They think beef is sausage, start it then wanna squash it
I load rocket and launch it, Smith&Wessons and Larsens
Anything if it’s drama, he tried to play me, I shot him
I did it with a mix tape, shorty, I did songs with everybody
Teflon don, John Gotti, banging since the cops had .38s and long shotties
When I didn’t have a hammer you thought it was sweet
Then I got the pocket rocket hater, rest in peace
Cancel a nigga, like Nino if he talk a lot
Throw my alcohol in his face just like a barbershop
You ain’t talking about that Thuga, then what you yapping for?
Real gangster squeeze first and you don’t clap it off
Lay you on the curb, nigga yous a bird
I’m focused right now, no disturb, fuck nigga
Hold up, wait a minute, y’all thought I was finished?
Man, I do this shit for real and all they do is gimmicks
All these haters talking slick ‘cause they stay on my dizzick
Burn you with this burner so bad you gonna need a clinic
I’m the type of cat who walk around with that Mac 11 in my coat
They selling the weed and they selling the crack and they selling the coke and that dope
I layed in the car and watched them get money, I didn’t think I won’t
I just get masked up and run down no lanes, that’s all she wrote
‘Cause my daughter needs some school clothes and my cousin need a pill
From down the hill we like Brownsville, we never ran and never will
Boy, don’t fuck around, don’t fuck around, don’t fuck around and be stupid
Them Brooklyn niggas i grew up with me, they pull it out, they use it
Yo, I came like a beast, to the industry
That’s why I get harassed by that hip hop police
Stomp niggas out gave ‘em injuries why you think they all tryina black ball me?
Now I calm down and just take cake with that straight face, no smiling
Don’t gotta like me but still respect me, that Pap nigga got talent
Them inmates on that island hear my shit and start wildin
‘Cause I spit that Law Library teach them niggas street knowledge
If I ain’t strapped, so what? Say something, get cut
If I don’t give you a buck fifty then I guarantee you a buck
If you diss me on your song and get away with it, you tough
When you touch down in New York send them goons to pop your head off
Catch me at Barclay at that Net game on Wood, Gucci shoes on my feet, got them under pressure like Sug
Man, I show up on your block about 8 o’clock
Early in the morning and I come collecting guap
And I’m the king of my city ‘cause I took it straight to the top
When they said New York was dead I’m the one who made it hot
I’m that same nigga from bainbridge with that peasy head head and that bop
Took a million dollars my first deal, why you niggas signing on Koch
These niggas schemin’ on me?,claim they leaning on me?
I’d rather die on my feet any day way before I live on my knee
They gonna remember me, I said remember me
Ain’t a nigga breathing doing better lyrically
Kill my homie, we ain’t pouring out no Hennessey
Man, I’m pouring out the blood on my enemy
Hold up, lock down the whole strip
Thuga Thuga my click, If i die tomorrow them same haters gon’ still quote my shit
It was something about that summer jam when I first stepped on that stage
Had me feeling like a lion when they first opened this cage
I’m gone

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