Evidence – Throw It All Away (Prod. By Alchemist)


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Song: Written by Evidence Produced by Alchemist

Video: Directed by Stephen Vanasco Edited by Punit Dhesi Rain by God Shot entirely on Leica SL: https://us.leica-camera.com/Photograp…


I got some money, I’mma blow it all today
They say ‚Michael, don’t throw it all away‘
And my reply was ‚There’s more on the way‘
When I said it, I was walking in the rain

[Verse 1]
I did a show in Chicago on the first
Now I’m back in LA like Chicago and First
No sun but I fathered this verse
That’s all I’m probably worth
And I’m from sunny CA to reign on all of this earth
Rainy terrain, receive the God sent messages
We know the answer, but dance around what the question is
(What is it?) It’s back to who’s on first
It’s my dog
It’s his tail
It’s the chase
It’s the search
It’s the ignorance that causes all the bliss in my surroundings
Cause dealing with reality’s like drawing out your boundaries
And I refuse to be referred as less than a creative
So catch me when I’m live in town as I’ve been demonstrating
That I could find my greatness in the waking of my absence
And absolutely kill it when they’re dealing out these bad hands
A player plays what a player’s dealt
And carries baggage like conveyor belts
And never fucking saves his wealth

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