Snak The Ripper – Lesson Learned


Snak The Ripper grew up in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, a suburb located just outside Vancouver, BC. He attended Garibaldi Secondary School from grade 8 through 11 before dropping out. In 2001, he was charged with 150 counts of mischief, but due to lack of evidence, the charges were dropped. Between 2003 and 2006, Snak moved around between Vancouver, Montreal & Toronto to perfect his Graffiti skills and build notoriety in the Canadian Hip Hop Scene Snak The Ripper was homeless and struggled with substance abuse, using his love for writing songs as an escape.


LYRICS: Verse 1:

You can only go so long runnin wild in the street,
stay grounded if flyin by the edge of your seat,
bring something to the table if you’re trying to eat,
the simple minded only hating when your style is unique,
they see you slippin and they smiling discreet,
try to take your place but couldn’t walk a mile in your feet,

gotta make your own decisions don’t rely on beliefs,
of anybody else watch out for liars and thiefs,
Life is a just a test and it’ll bless you if your patient,
before you make a choice you should assess the situation,
be careful what you thinking, try your best at meditation,
cause the thoughts inside your brain will manifest into creation,

Sometimes it’s all a matter of just clearin your head,
all the worries that you have just disappear in the end,
might be hard to understand now, but fear is your friend,
embrace the person staring at you in the mirror again,

They say recognition is free but Respect is earned,
As long you’re able to breath you should be less concerned,
build a bridge for yourself and leave the rest to burn,
cause every mistake that you makin is a lesson learned,

Verse 2:
You Gotta think before you speak,
be selective with your words,
it’s easier to learn if you just listen and observe,
you can see the bigger picture if your vision isn’t blurred,
work harder than the rest and get the life that you deserve,
Believe half of what you see, and none of what you heard,
don’t get your hopes up over nothing nothing is for sure,
hard to see the brighter side of shit coming from the dirt,
always gotta know your worth if they fuckin with your work,
gotta walk your own path don’t roll with the pack,
take a deep breathe when shits tough, don’t over react,
and all that self-inflicted doubt’ll only hold you back,
don’t expect so much, this world don’t owe you jack,

They say trust takes time, and patients is a virtue,
but if you let em get too close their probably gonna hurt you,
don’t get yourself stuck like a rock in hard place,
cause even on them hard days, you gotta keep guard raised,


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