ONS – The Bronx Connection


Hier die erste Single des in Arizona lebenden Emcee Mc Shinobi unter seinem neuen Namen ONS,
„Die Bronx-Verbindung“ mit Masta Lenn, MC GELS & Hahyeem. Produziert von Soe95. Vinyl kommt bald …


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„Completing his transition into a new moniker, Arizona based emcee, ONS, formerly known as MC Shinobi, rolls out with a head nodding posse cut that showcases some of the Bronx’s most potent up and coming artists. Produced by Soe95, ‚The Bronx Connection“ acts as a bridge between the two regions and features grimy verses from Masta Lenn, Gels, Hahyeem and of course ONS, Short of Onslaught. This one off single acts as reintroduction to ONS as he moves forward and continues to represent and spread dope hiphop to the masses.“  – Jaron Ikner For Phoenix New Times




Masta Lenn

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