Lord Finesse – Funky Man: The Prequel


After 22 years of waiting this priceless Lord Finesse audio archive has been remastered by a collection of hip-hop’s audiophile elite in Eddie Sancho (Gang Starr), Chris Conway (D.I.T.C.), and Tony Dawsey (Def Jam, Jive, Payday…).

Finally brought together for a Deluxe 180 gram Double Vinyl Gatefold package, “Funky Man: The Prequel drops this Spring.  Slice Of Spice is also dropping a 180 gram 12” of fully restored and remastered instrumentals for this vinyl project. Here’s your chance to own a piece of limited edition vinyl history directly from Lord Finesse, not to be repressed to this high quality again!

This collection of demos, and remixes amount to a Prequel of the legendry Return Of The Funky Man LP, hence the title, and includes beats by Lord Finesse, Diamond D, Showbiz, and Large Professor. It also features Lord Finesse, Andre The Giant, Percee P, Shel-Rumble & Harry-O on the mic. NOT TO BE MISSED!

01 – Praise The Lord (Original Version)
02 – Stop Sweating The Next Man (Lord Finesse Mix)
03 – Isn’t He Something (Showbiz Remix)
04 – Isn’t He Something (Large Professor Remix)
05 – I Like My Girls With A Boom (Original Version)
06 – Hey Look At Shorty (Demo Version)
07 – Fat For The 90′s (Original Version) Feat. Andre The Giant
08 – Funky On The Fast Tip (Original Version)
09 – Show ‘em How We Do Things (Demo Version) Feat. Shel-Rumble & Harry-O
10 – Hands In The Air, Mouth Shut (Re-Mastered)
11 – Kicking Flavor With My Man (Remix) Feat. Percee P

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